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Friday, January 17, 2014

Last of the orchestral sheet music: trombone, violin, and bass

A reader recently asked about the trombone parts for the 1929 orchestra score that appears elsewhere on this blog. I had obviously lost track of which sections I had already included, thinking I had posted them all. But, no, I had omitted the trombone, the violin, and the bass parts. So this should do it. Piano. Trumpet. Saxophone. Banjo. Drums. And now, trombone, violin, and bass.



Anonymous said...

im awfully sorry to be a pain again regarding these parts :( may i ask where the bass part is as i can't find that either. im enjoying your blog.

thank you.


MrBruggencate said...

where is the bass part?

Robert W. Harwood said...

You will see that I have found the bass part, and added it.