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Friday, January 6, 2012

MP3 Another Porter Grainger Song: "Song From A Cotton Field"

I was going to post a 1927 recording by Porter Granger entitled, suitable for this time of year, "I Wonder What This New Year's Gonna Bring To Me." Unfortunately I have been unable, so far, to render a listenable mp3 from the 78 rpm record. So, instead I am posting this:

Back in November I posted a Porter Grainger song - one that, as far as I am aware, has never been made available since its release in 1927. Here is the other side of that record, "Song From A Cotton Field" as performed by "The Singin' Piano Man" himself, Porter Grainger. This one has a more serous lyric:

Ain't no use kickin' 'cause I'll be pickin'
'Til all my chillun is grown
By then I'll shuffle and skimp and scuffle
To have a field of my own

All my life I've been makin' it
All my life white folks takin' it
This old heart they jus' breakin' it
Ain't got a thing to show for what I've done done

What follows is a direct transfer, using my turntable, of a 78 rpm record that is 84 years old. What you hear has been saved at 128 kbps, which is the lowest sound resolution I find tolerable.

So, to hear The Singin' Piano Man" Porter Grainger, click on "Song From A Cotton Field" MP3

You can follow the full lyric in the post below.


Unknown said...

Hi, i´ve found this blog searching for this song, "song from a cotton field" thank you for posting it, i wonder if you can upload this in a better sound resolution, that would be great. Anyway it´s great blog. Cheers from Argentina!
p.d: sorry about my english, im still learning.

julian troilo-early jazz and blues lover, banjoist.

Robert W. Harwood said...

Glad you could find the song. I transcribed it directly from the original 78 record. I did not have a proper 78 rpm record player, though, and that caused some loss of detail. I recorded it at 45 rpm, as a WAV file and altered that digital file to replicate 78 rpm.