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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving to Saskatchewan

In a little over a week Pam and I will be cramming our belongings into a U-Haul truck and driving three thousand kilometers to a village in southern Saskatchewan. A couple of years ago I climbed to the top of a grain elevator and took the panorama of the village posted above.

We shall be spending a lot of time settling in - most of all, renovating a small house on the edge of the town, Val Marie. There will not be much time for SJI musings. I do, however, intend to eventually revise the book that this blog is an extension of - but one does need to be careful about embarking on too many projects at one time.


R. Walker said...

Good luck and safe travels to you and Pam, Bob! And very best wishes for you both in your new-home-to-be.

PS Thanks for that post about the new Hyde book. It's sitting near the top of my reading pile, and now I really can't wait to get to it!

Anonymous said...

Well? How's that first prairie winter going?


Robert W. Harwood said...

Welllll . . . it's cold, hoar frost that sticks around for days. It's very busy, with most sunlit hours spent renovating the house - which we should be able to make liveable by, oh, February. People are great. The air is clean. You can see the stars brilliantly. Standing outdoors, the quiet can be intense, although the snow squeeks. We have to drive 120 kilometers for supplies . . . although there is a small grocery store in town. We're surrounded by mule deer, while tail deer, pronghorn, grouse, coyotes, the occasional golden eagle and, of course, cows. It's going well, Doug.