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Friday, November 14, 2008

St. James Infirmary trumpet sheet music

The page of sheet music you see here was scanned from a 1929 orchestral score, published by Gotham Music Service Inc., sole selling agents for Mills Music, Inc., 148-150 W. 46th St., N.Y.C.

Clicking on the image should give you a larger, readable version of the page.

This particular score was almost certainly used by an orchestra of the period. An instruction pencilled in at the bottom of the page tells the player when to "stand up" during the performance.

In this orchestral score, music is included for drums, piano, 1st and 3rd alto saxophones, 2nd tenor saxophone, violin, trombone, 1st and 2nd trumpet, tenor banjo, bass, and 1st violin. The price for the entire score was 50 cents.


supernit said...

Hi! How can I get alto sax notes to St. James Infirmary? Thanks.

Robert W. Harwood said...

You will find that on the newest entry - October 13, 2012.

supernit said...

Much appreciated!

MrBruggencate said...

do you know where i can find the sheet of the trombone part? best wishes

Robert W. Harwood said...
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Robert W. Harwood said...

I thought I had posted all the parts of that score. But, you're right, can't find the trombone sheet. I shall post that in the next few days.